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About Us


Our Vision

The trinity reflects the three major aspects of learning; academic, social-emotional, as well as physical development. To survive in today's world, we need to be well rounded in these areas. In a world where we learn as we grow, it is important to ensure students have fun so as to keep that desire to learn. At AEM Trinity, we provide an enjoyable environment where students not only learn to excel academically, but physically, socially and emotionally. We make use of the three types of learning (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) to prepare students with the necessary tools to take over the world. After all, they are our future leaders.

Our Goal

Learning to master any new language is a life-long process. There are many teachers that can teach English. What sets us apart from other centres is that we make learning fun. Enjoying the learning process is what helps students to motivate themselves, which drives success.

Our motto, "We're not just educators" comes from the fact that we don't just focus on the academic aspect of our children's growth. We also instil manners and character in our lessons, helping students build their social-emotional aspect of development.


Meet the Team

Our team of teachers are all professional Native English Teachers with different backgrounds and experiences, bringing different cultures and knowledge together to one place.

"Having been in the education business for two decades, I've realised how important it is to find that balance between helping students of all ages enjoy the learning process, while at the same time, maximising their potential. The small class setting in AEM Trinity Centre enables us to ensure each student is getting sufficient attention."